Sherdenich - Black Miniature Schnauzers
Sherdenich - Black Miniature Schnauzers


Sherdenich is a KUSA registered breeding kennel. We are situated in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Our aim and dedication is to create awareness of the Black Miniature Schnauzer breed of dog in South Africa and Africa.


The miniature Schnauzer is a well-established utility breed loved by its owners for its alertness, agility, intelligence and good nature.  Their adaptability, playfulness, obedience, and trainability combined with their size (30-35cm at withers), 4-10kg, non-shedding coat make them a perfect family dog that can double as a guard dog. They have a life expectancy of 12-14 years and age gracefully remaining youthful and dedicated to their family. There are 4 colour variants namely, salt & pepper, black & silver, pure black (black undercoat) and pure white (white undercoat).


Our dogs are an integral part of our household and daily lives, they receive high quality nutrition, husbandry, regular grooming, veterinary care and plenty of love and attention.  Their health and welfare is our priority.

All our pedigree breeding dogs are imported from some of the best Black Miniature Schnauzer breeders and kennels in the world. Our goal is to breed superior quality Black Miniature Schnauzers, your pup can be raised to become a world-class show dog which can be entered into world-wide competitions or if that does not interest you, your pedigree Black Miniature Schnauzer can be loved and treasured for many years by family and friends.

We offer national and international shipping of our puppies providing that all rules and regulations are upheld concerning the relative governmental authorities.


A pinscher club was formed in 1895, and after much research they published the first studbook in 1902. There were a total of 353 registrations, with birthdates going back to 1880. The breed counts were:

  • 248 Standard Schnauzers
  • 14 Miniature Schnauzers
  • 8 German Pinschers
  • 83 Miniature Pinschers

The oldest Miniature Schnauzer registered was a black bitch, Findel, whelped in October 1888.

In Germany, the club has been know as the Pinscher-Schnauzer Club since 1921. From 1924 – 1934, more than 10,000 schnauzers of both sizes were registered with the Pinscher-Schnauzer Club.

Ideally, the black colour in the topcoat is a true rich glossy colour with the undercoat being less intense, a soft matting shade of black. This is natural and should not be penalised in any way. The stripped portion is free from any fading or brown tinge. The scissored and clipped areas have lighter shades of black. A small white spot on the chest is permitted; as is an occasional single white hair elsewhere on the body.